22 January 2020

Trash Kit are heading out on a European tour this Feb! You know where to be! Look out London, Feb 14th at The Lexington with Handle! x


14 December 2019

Time for some good news then! Our first release of 2020 will be Handle's debut album 'In Threes'! Incorporating a diverse range of influences, from samba to no wave, Handle, a three-piece from Manchester make a uniquely minimal sound, buoyed by a startling poetic tenacity. Handle are made up of Giulio Erasmus and Nirvana Heire (former members of D.U.D.S) and Leo Hermitt, a genderqueer multidisciplinary artist. With this project they've trained their focus on looping, hypnotic synth lines, clangorous percussion and expeditious vocals that cordially sprint. 'In Threes' will be released on LP/CD and digitally through Upset The Rhythm and Maternal Voice on March 6th. Check this! 'Punctured Time' just premiered by Brooklyn Vegan!


25 November 2019

Upset The Rhythm are heading to Coal Drops Yard this Saturday (Nov 30th) for the Independent Label Market's annual winter market. Join us from 11am until 6.30pm for some amazing Xmas deals, some UTR back catalogue rarities, all our new releases from Kaputt, Robert Sotelo, Lunch Lady, Normil Hawaiians, Trash Kit, Terry, Bamboo and Hygiene too! Plus we'll have some long out of print Future Islands 7" back in stock on very limited coloured vinyl repress!


15 November 2019

OK, let's soundtrack your weekend! Hot from their UK tour BAMBOO release a brand new digital single through Upset The Rhythm today. Their new single 'Daughters Of The Sky' astounds with its affecting synth-pop swirl. The title track from their recent album on UTR, this single is accompanied by a earth-shifting Emma Gatrill remix and exclusive live track too, available to listen to on all digital platforms now, check it out, volume up!


7 November 2019

Robert Sotelo's energetic race of a 'Run' video just premiered on For The Rabbits! 'Run' is taken from his new album 'Infinite Sprawling' out now on Upset The Rhythm. On tour next week too:

14/11 - Nottingham, UK @ JT Soar

15/11 - London, UK @ New River Studios

16/11 - Oxford, UK @ Deaf & Hard of Hearing Centre

17/11 - Bristol, UK @ The Lanes


23 October 2019

Check out this extraordinary video of Rattle performing 'Disco' at x-church in Gainsborough! Thank you Orange 'Ear for recording this!


27 September 2019

Today we release Kaputt's energetic corkscrew of a debut album 'Carnage Hall' in all its feverish, intuitive glory! Hailing from Glasgow, Kaputt race away with the playful torn edge of no-wave song, blurting out tracks with twitchy charisma, their catchy riffs circle with relish, allowing timely sax stonks and stop-start rhythms to drive things on. Vocals leap, guitars bluster and always the saxophone snakes, hypnotically drawn through the erratic beat.

There's a riot of fun at play in Kaputt's febrile racket, but there's also some deeply cerebral grooves and choice lyrical concerns evident too. 'Carnage Hall' is available on 180g vinyl in all good shops and from our webstore now!


17 September 2019

Here's a first glimpse of the highly visually rewarding 'A World Is Born' video, up now on 20 Jazz Funk Greats! What a SONG!


Oct 5th - London, Servant Jazz Quarters

Nov 7th - London, EartH

Nov 8th - Northampton, The Garibaldi Hotel

Nov 9th - Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, venue TBC

Nov 10th - Edinburgh, Henry's Cellar

Nov 11th - Manchester, Gullivers



13 September 2019

Fantastic news! Today Upset The Rhythm releases 'Infinite Sprawling', Robert Sotelo's staggering new album! Sotelo is a cosmic pop melodist, a heartfelt multi-instrumentalist whose direct songs are curiously affecting and this third album from him really sets the songwriting bar high before vaulting clean over it! 'Infinite Sprawling' is available now digitally and on heavyweight dark-green vinyl from all good shops, including our webshop!

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Thursday 6 February


275 Pentonville Road, King's Cross, London, N1 9NL | Map
7.30pm | £15.00 | Buy tickets

DAN DEACON returns in February 2020 with 'Mystic Familiar', his first album in five years and the stunning result of years of obsessive work, play, and self-discovery. It's not only his most emotionally open record but also his most transcendent! Eleven kaleidoscopic tracks of majestic synth-pop that exponentially expand Deacon's sound with unfettered imagination and newfound vulnerability. Since 2015's 'Gliss Riffer', Deacon has branched out from his core body of work into a dizzying array of collaborative projects: scoring eight films, collaborating with the New York City Ballet's resident choreographer Justin Peck on the dance piece The Times Are Racing; performing expanded arrangements of his music with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra; and for the first time producing and co-writing an album with friends Ed Schrader's Music Beat. Throughout all this Deacon was also working on a new suite of songs that wield the profundity of a philosopher and the absurdity of a jester. These songs make up his forthcoming 'Mystic Familiar' album, painting life as a psychedelic journey brimming with bliss and disruption, darkness and light.

Opening track "Become a Mountain" immediately announces itself as something new, for the first time ever on record presenting Dan's natural singing voice, unprocessed and with only minimal accompaniment. When Deacon proclaims "I rose up" here, it is Dan Deacon singing in the first person as Dan Deacon - a startlingly vulnerable shift in a songbook abundant with characters, metaphors, and distorted vocals. "Hypnagogic" takes us deeper into Deacon's mind, a synth swirl similar to those which have begun his recent performances, absorbing the pulse of the room and extending that abstract moment in which a journey begins. From there, 'Mystic Familiar' then takes a propulsive leap with the robotic drums and soaring melodies of "Sat By a Tree" and the four-part "Arp" suite offering up a dialectic view of life. It's an album that captures an artist mindfully evolving his music from playful beginnings to encompass a prismatic cosmos of addictive ideas, melody and purpose! This special Scala show celebrates the release of 'Mystic Familiar' and Dan's long-awaited return to his spiritual kingdom of London!

TOMAGA are a live-duo formed by Valentina Magaletti and Tom Relleen. They channel various forms of multi-instrumentalism into music that moves by turns through industrial, jazz, psychedelia and minimalism, on it's way to somewhere wholly other. Devoted to musical exploration, this London based duo obsessively deconstruct familiar tropes, looking for the tension that lies between improvisation and form. Tomaga formed in 2014 and have already released an impressive number of records through Other People, Negative Days, Meakusma and Hands In The Dark. Having been invited to tour with such musical luminaries as Stereolab, Wire, Deerhoof, Thurston Moore, FAUST, Lee Ranaldo and Silver Apples since their formation, Tomaga are truly one of the most inspiring live acts around.



Friday 14 February

The Lexington

96-98 Pentonville Rd, Angel, London, N1 9JB | Map
7.30pm | £9.00 | Buy tickets

TRASH KIT are Rachel Aggs (guitar, vocals), Rachel Horwood (drums, vocals) and Gill Partington (bass). Three deeply creative individuals who play in a multitude of other groups including Bas Jan, Sacred Paws, Shopping and Bamboo, united by a shared decade of spry musicality that surges through their bodies, hearts and heads with Trash Kit. Their songs once succinct, patchwork post-punk numbers of an honest diary-like nature now tussle more with long-form songwriting, expeditious polyphony and cascades of sung-spoke vocals. This new focus began with their second album 'Confidence' (2014) and has now grown into something exhilarating and rapturous. New songs like 'Disco' have had their very fabric stretched into smart new shapes, allowing the band to run away with refrains and unlock the dancefloor.

Although Trash Kit have their forebears in bands like Sleater Kinney, The Ex and The Raincoats, their sound is still very much their own take on facing forwards and relies as much on the naturalism of an internalised folk music as on their sincerity of vision. Since forming in 2009, Trash Kit have released three albums for Upset The Rhythm and a selection of singles, last July however they made their most majestic move yet with their resoundingly huge 'Horizon' album. Garnering countless glowing reviews and featuring in many end of year lists for 2019 'Horizon' is an album that forever listens for the next moment and will meet you once more at the vanishing point.

HANDLE incorporate a diverse range of influences from samba to no wave. The three-piece from Manchester (now based between Manchester/London/Brussels) make a uniquely minimal sound, buoyed by poetic, urgent vocals. Each instrument (bass, drums, keyboard and voice) is permitted its own space, yet somehow the result is a brilliantly unified yet understated sonic experience that demands then commands your attention. Handle is made up of Giulio Erasmus and Nirvana Heire (former members of D.U.D.S) and Leo Hermitt, a genderqueer multidisciplinary artist, renowned for their challenging, thought-provoking work on the city's arts and literary scenes. The group mesh politics with a trans experience of time and a vibrant, avant-garde freedom of approach. Powered by looping, hypnotic synth lines, quaking flexes of bass, clattering tribal percussion and expeditious, often agitated vocals that cordially sprint, Handle's songs - all of which clock in around the two minute mark - owe as much to performance poetry as they do to the vibrancy of post-punk. Handle's debut album 'In Threes' will be released March 6th by Upset The Rhythm and Maternal Voice and is a collection of frenetic sounds for frenzied forms.



Saturday 15 February

Pin Ups (The Islington)

1 Tolpuddle Street, Angel, London, N1 0XT | Map
7.30pm | £6.00 | Buy tickets

EN ATTENDANT ANA are a Parisian quintet who diligently craft songs that shimmer, glide and sway with sophistication. Trouble In Mind recently released the group's second album 'Juillet'. Many of the songs on 'Juillet' feel hopeful, despite their melancholic tone, lacing a lilting melody or triumphant trumpet swell (courtesy of multi-instrumentalist Camille Frechou) or charging guitar riffs from Tomasso or Bouchaudon. Whereas the tunes on their debut 'Lost and Found' felt wild & reckless, the songs on 'Juillet' feel focused, a set of songs that feel bonded together by the magnetic pull of each other; viewed as a whole, they dazzle. Songs like "Do You Understand?" and the first single "Words" point toward a new frontier for the group, effortlessly sharpening their razor-sharp hooks to such a fine point, you almost don't realise their complexity. Elsewhere, songs like "Flesh or Blood" and opener "Down The Hill" revel in a push/pull dynamic. Finally, songs like "From My Bruise To An Island" and the sparse "When It Burns" bridge a confessional narrative atop an amorphous ambient float. They feel important, and hint at an exciting future for a band letting go of its past and entrusting fate with its future.

MARCEL WAVE write eulogies for tragic actresses, ancient riverbeds and concrete obscenity. Meades meets Pat-E-Smith meets Kirklees Borough Council. Featuring members of Cold Pumas and Sauna Youth.




Monday 24 February

New River Studios

199 Eade Rd, Harringay, London, N4 1DN | Map
7.30pm | £7.50 | Buy tickets

MASSICOT are a Geneva trio that sound as if they can hardly contain their own energy. The no-frills bone-dry guitar sounds oscillates between hypnotically repetitive passages and noisy outbursts. Simone Aubert plays her rhythm guitar with a manic relentless energy. Drummer Colline Grosjean works her way from funk to krautrock to tropical beats and back again. Then over all that, in addition to her vocals, Mara Krastina plays her charming bright red mini-bass with a velocity that is guaranteed to ensure bodies start moving. Their new album is due out about now on the Harbinger Sound / Spurge Recordings label.

SLAGHEAP are pure unfiltered energetic post-punk nonsense from four women in their pants. In turns melodic, naive and raucous. The debut album from this Bristol quartet has been winning over fans everywhere and picking up plenty of airplay and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. The 12" was the first release from Spurge Recordings and is a must if you're attuned to the attitude and tunes of The Raincoats or Au Pairs amongst others. But be assured this isn't a simply retrospective sound.

SHAKE CHAIN, having formed through a love of thought provoking performance art and a yearning for disruption, were never going to be your average run of the mill project and the band have delivered unpredictable live shows across London and Oxford since their recent inception. Having recorded their debut EP 'Neil Yonge and Bob Doylan Live at Hyde Park' (on the day of Neil Young & Bob Dylan Live at Hyde Park) last Summer, with sound artist David Carugo and released by Permanent Slump, the group enter 2020 with a fresh heap of material to take into the studio and on the road around the UK in April. Catch them in the field with their not-to-be-missed fusion of post punk grooves and chaotic lamenting on the current state of things.



Thursday 5 March

Space 289

Railway Arches, 289 Cambridge Heath Rd, E2 9HA | Map
7.30pm | £9.00 | Buy tickets

ISLET are a Powys trio whose free-spirited invention and exuberant intensity flows through experimental pop: hypnotic, exhilarating and defiantly unique. They began in Cardiff in 2009 when Emma Daman and brothers Mark and John 'JT' Thomas resolved to form a band with one rule: that anything was possible. Soon after, they were joined by Alex Williams. The band had no lead singer or set roles, switching instruments from song to song, melding psych rock, ethereal atmospherics and jagged post punk, with most gigs seeing the walls and spectators played as instruments. They were soon surrounded by a buzz of excitement and mystique, cherished locally, then globally. They wrote about their philosophy in their own zine, started a festival, helped other bands; they are stalwarts of the Welsh DIY community. Two albums ('Illuminated People', 2012 - shortlisted for the Welsh Music Prize - and 'Released By The Movement', 2013) and a handful of EPs followed, released on their own label, Shape Records. Now Islet have signed to Fire Records, with Emma Daman Thomas moving into focus with her unleashed, mesmerising vocals against a synth-driven sound, unexpected shifts of rhythm, playful inventive lyrics; an exhilarating, electronic purr that provokes thought and feeling. They have matured, are more tender and composed, but still eclectic, mysterious and intriguingly themselves. Brand new album 'Eyelet' will be released on March 6th!

DESPICABLE ZEE is the solo project of Zahra Haji Fath Ali Tehrani, who has been writing and performing for more than 15 years. She is the director of the Young Women’s Music Project, which continues to inspire her. Zahra specialises in leftfield, electronic lo-fi-pop – wonky yet meditative tunes, punctuated by biting rhythms. With echoes of The Knife, Tirzah, CocoRosie and Madame Gandhi, her recent EP sounds like longing, like searching, like hacking away at old vines to reach what’s behind them.





Friday 6 March

SET Space

27A Dalston Ln, Dalston, London, E8 3DF | Map
7.30pm | £6.00 | Buy tickets

THE SILVER FIELD is a sound world of Coral Rose & friends. Voice, tapes, bass, strings, reeds, drums, small sounds, big sounds, sunlight, moonlight, a lot of water. March 2020 sees multi-instrumentalist Coral and drummer Kiran Bhatt (Red River Dialect) take to the road across the UK, sharing songs from their forthcoming second album, to be announced early 2020, as well as selections from The Silver Field's debut Rooms. Recorded by Coral at home in south London, Rooms was brought to the world in January 2019 by Tim Burgess' O Genesis Recordings and received high praise for its dreamlike tapestries of tape loops, reverb and folk instrumentation, including plays on BBC 6 Music, BBC 3's Late Junction, NTS and Soho Radio, as well as print and online love from The Quietus, Electronic Sound, God Is In The TV and many more.

CLEMENTINE MARCH is a London-based chanteuse, composer and filmmaker, her musical forays portray a very personal approach to the pop song, playing with languages and textures, with a Brazilian savoir-faire and a post-punk edge.



Saturday 14 March


Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, London, SE1 7LG | Map
7.30pm | £10.00 | Buy tickets

Sunday 15 March


Old Paradise Yard, 20 Carlisle Lane, London, SE1 7LG | Map
1pm-3pm | £15.00 | Buy tickets

LIMPE FUCHS is a German sound artist and instrument builder whose vibrant performances develop from a real time engagement with the ecology of the space at hand. Using wood and granite stone rows, ringing bronze within pendulum string instruments and employing the percussion, viola and voice she studied at the Munich Conservatory she sensitises the process of hearing through an exploration of music-making as a part of everyday life. An original member of '70s Krautrock duo Anima Sound, Limpe and then husband sculptor Paul Fuchs embodied a radical form of free living, farming and building instruments like the Fuchshorn, Fuchszither and Fuchsbass at a professional metal workshop in their Pfarrhof - a thousand-year-old former priest house - in rural Bavaria. Anima Musica' epitomised the ingenious marginal freak scene of the sixties and seventies and are often cited as a key influence on Krautrock. In 1971 they hitched a handmade mobile home and stage to an old Hanomag tractor and toured Europe bringing their anarchic, uncompromising improvisations to an impromptu public at 19 kilometers per hour. A champion of egalitarian performance, Limpe quit the group in the '80s when new experimental theatre work demanded agreement with more members and she felt that her voice was being compromised. Ever since she has devoted herself to "making music while listening to the streaming of time...with simplicity and emotion", following the influence of soundscape artists. Whether improvising solo or with other players, Limpe unfailingly coaxes an otherworldly atmosphere from the sounds and silence of her surroundings with a childlike wonder, always open to surprise. Her engaging performances require attention from the audience as she moves freely in space evoking her natural sound-scapes while playing her viola woodhorn, bamboo flute, pendulumstring, a four-meter-steel constructed lithophone, sheet metal, pieces of wood and singing in her unique ephemeral bird-like style.

We follow up the Saturday night concert with a Sunday afternoon workshop based around a sound installation of Limpe Fuchs. Limpe invites participants to play her instruments in the sound installation and they can bring their own instruments too. Only three are playing, the others are listening. When all have played in different combinations, we decide how to go on. It is important to stay simple, so that the instruments are treated with love and the skill of ones hands is not overstrained. The sound of the ensemble has to be in balance between chaos and order. When the handling of the tools and precision of listening is growing starts nonverbal communication with music.

WATERLESS HILLS is a new project put together by drummer Andrew Cheetham (now playing with Richard Dawson, Kiran Leonard, Irma Vep, Yerba Mansa, Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura etc). The group consists of Andrew and two further members of the Manchester Underground wrecking crew - dbh (Kiran Leonard band, Irma Vep band, Jim Ghedi band, his own bad self) on violin; Gavin Clarke (DSDV) on bass – and augmented by Cambridge-based avant-folk musician C Joynes on electric guitar. Their debut album 'The Great Mountain' (out 29th Feb on Cardinal Fuzz/Feeding Tube Records) was recorded in one day direct to 1/4" tape at Halle St Michaels, Manchester. All tracks were wholly improvised, and the tapes document a slowly-evolving interplay and, at times, 'on-the-edge' exchange between the players. The results were eventually shaped into an imaginary soundtrack to an orientalist western loosely themed around Freya Stark's 1935 travelogue 'The Valleys Of The Assassins' and the surrealist occult art of Ithel Colquohoun.




Wednesday 18 March

The Lexington

96-98 Pentonville Rd, Angel, London, N1 9JB | Map
7.30pm | £8.00 | Buy tickets

SPINNING COIN are Sean Armstrong (vocals, guitar), Jack Mellin (vocals, guitar), Rachel Taylor (bass, vocals, keyboards) and Chris White (drums). Hailing from Glasgow their cascading melodicism is topped with some amazing shredding. Their music connects into a local music scene more associated with Orange Juice, Teenage Fanclub, and of course The Pastels, who release the band's records via their Geographic Music imprint. Their music is beautifully rough-hewn guitar pop that takes in frustration, but also gracefulness and splendour, in equal measure. On February 21st, Spinning Coin will release their second album 'Hyacinth'. A brave step forward, 'Hyacinth' is an album full of poetry, light and warmth of heart, and presents a band holding nothing back. Throughout there is joy in spades, but also melancholy, and a checked fury, threading the group's political vision through their reflections on the personal and the interpersonal. Jack explains that the new songs "are about the need for love in an often very unloving world. Trying to find a balance of some kind between feelings of apathy, negativity, detachment and action, positivity and oneness." Whilst Mellin's songs were more pointedly political on debut LP 'Permo', here he has built more complexity into his writing. Ultimately Spinning Coin's ethos stays true to itself, as Sean expands about the experiences and the motivations behind the new music: "It's trying to connect with other people on a human level, doing something that we love, and trying to embrace the unknown." This show sees them head to London date during their European tour in support of 'Hyacinth' in March!

BAS JAN are a London-based experimental post-punk trio built around the remarkable and distinctive voice and songs of multi-instrumentalist and composer Serafina Steer. Named after the Dutch conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader, who was last seen setting out to sail across the Atlantic in 1975, Bas Jan’s earliest songs were initially conceived as Serafina Steer solo material, until Bas Jan co-founder members Sarah Anderson and Jenny Moore triangulated the whole collaboration and, in 2015, the band was born. Since recording Yes I Jan, both Sarah and Jenny have moved on to other projects, and currently joining Steer in the new incarnation of Bas Jan are violinist, bassist and vocalist Emma Smith (Meilyr Jones, Seamus Fogarty and founder member of the Elysian Quartet) and drummer and vocalist Rachel Horwood (Trash Kit, Bamboo). Bas Jan's utterly brilliant debut album Yes I Jan was released via Lost Map Records in 2018.

ROBERT SOTELO is a cosmic pop melodist; a heartfelt multi-instrumentalist whose direct songs are curiously affecting. His debut album 'Cusp' from 2017 was packed with miniature psych overtures and earnest musings, he then followed this up in 2018 with an album called 'Botanical', more keyboard-minded and playful with its near-absurdist palette of sound and reflective mood. Last September Upset The Rhythm released Sotelo's third album 'Infinite Sprawling', his first record since relocating from London to Glasgow and partly inspired by his new city's inclusive and collaborative musical world. Recorded with Ruari MacLean (of Vital Idles, Golden Grrrls) and Edwin Stevens (Irma Vep, Yerba Mansa) at their home studio Namaste Sound, 'Infinite Sprawling' grew out of Sotelo's sketchbook of skeletal songs, with MacLean and Stevens developing their own drum, guitar and keyboard parts. These songs pulled together like a wakeful stretch on a Sunday morning, flowering with a lightness of touch, sounding both carefree and brisk.

Upset The Rhythm & The Barbican present...

RICHARD DAWSON: Delight is Right

Saturday 28 March

Barbican Hall

Silk St, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8DS | Map
3pm-11pm | £17.50-25.00 | SOLD OUT

RICHARD DAWSON, the Northumbrian songsmith, invites you to Delight is Right, a gathering of friends, favourites and fellow travellers across two stages, culminating in a headline full band set in the Hall. Bringing together an eclectic line-up that reflects the glorious breadth of his influences, Dawson reflects on his time-traveling, shape-shifting songcraft, as he's joined by his band to perform songs from his new album on Weird World '2020' - an unflinching meditation on contemporary Britain's psychic crisis. Dawson's music can be strangely digressive, disarmingly funny and touchingly poignant, but it's compassion that defines it. While '2020' looks to the present, forgotten stories from the past often resonate in Dawson's work, whether it's the medieval North on 'Peasant', newspaper clippings found in the Tyne & Wear Archive on 'The Glass Trunk', or a half-remembered boozy school trip on 'The Vile Stuff'. Dawson finds humanity wherever he looks.

Upset The Rhythm & The Barbican present...


Wednesday 15 April

Barbican Hall

Silk St, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8DS | Map
7.30pm | £17.50-22.50 | Buy tickets

LANKUM follow up their storming concert at The Dome last year with a special performance at The Barbican showcasing the contemporary folk band’s expanded line-up. New album ‘The Livelong Day’ has seen Lankum compared to The Pogues for a new generation and blends alternative folk and psychedelia to cement their reputation as one of the most talked about groups to emerge from Ireland in decades. The Dublin four piece - brothers Ian Lynch, Daragh Lynch alongside Cormac Mac Diarmada and Radie Peat - call the record a 'songbook for the people'. Featuring re-workings of folk standards such as 'The Wild Rover' and 'Katie Cruel', they honour the sacredness of traditional Irish songs, but allow them to metamorphose, to grow and breathe, alongside originals written by the band. Presented in association with The Barbican. This is an all ages event.


Wednesday 15 April


Old Trades Hall, Valette St, Hackney, London, E9 6NU | Map
7.30pm | £12.00 | Buy tickets

NAP EYES, after eight years and four albums deep, find their artistic arc tracing a line alongside frontman Nigel Chapman's daily tai chi practice. Those first years and albums are the cold mornings in the park: the measured movements, the joint aches, the self-doubt. With each new release, an incremental and invigorating step forward. And with the end of each album and tour, a return to the beginner's practice. And now, 'Snapshot of a Beginner', Nap Eyes's boldest, most concentrated and most hi-fi album to date, a study of that repeated return and all that it can teach you. The music still brings to mind the bucolic ennui of the Silver Jews and Daniel Johnston's jittery naivete. But the new sheen and maturity also now brings to mind the wide-angle appeal of The Jayhawks and the addictive brightness of Green Day’s Kerplunk!Which brings us to the new album's lead single, 'Mark Zuckerberg.' Against crunchy and echo-laden guitars seasoned with pedal steel, Chapman begins by inquiring, "Is Mark Zuckerberg a ghost? Maybe, maybe, Where are his hands and why don't you ever see them in public?" By the end, it's morphed into a Belle And Sebastian song and Chapman has found his way to a mantra: "Transcendence is all around us." The journey from point A to point B is both short and rewarding. 'Snapshot of a Beginner' is released by Jagjaguwar on March 27th!



Tuesday 21 April

Cafe OTO

18-22 Ashwin St, Dalston, London, E8 3DL | Map
7.30pm | £10.00 | Buy tickets

PAN AMERICAN began during the summer of 1997, when Mark Nelson, guitar player and singer of the legendary Labradford, wanted to explore the possibilities of sampling and computer technology as well as his interests in dub and techno. Mark started recording a full-length album for Kranky at home and at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, Virginia. The self-titled, debut Pan American album came out on Kranky in early 1998. Nelson continued to work on Pan American material as he worked with Labradford, learning to play pedal steel guitar, releasing singles on European labels and getting some studio time in with engineer Casey Rice. Rob Mazurek from Chicago Underground Trio and Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker of Low contributed cornet and vocals, respectively. The resulting album, 360 Business / 360 Bypass, was released by Kranky in North America (and Blast First in Europe) in early 2000.

More singles and album followed, along with the occasional live performance. Nelson's placement behind a synthesizer and mixing desk belied the improvisational nature of the live mix. Between sternum-rattling bass rhythms and Nelson's willingness to challenge an audience of with outbursts of static, Pan American shows were more than the usual knob-twiddling and smooth noodle maps, traded dub undertow for percussive points, field recordings and an ominous drone.

Nelson's latest offering as Pan American, 'A Son' (Kranky 2019), is a return his musical and spiritual beginnings. Spare, subdued, and largely acoustic, A Son unfurls like late summer dusk on the edge of town, expansive but intimate. Motivated by notions of "moving backward" and tracing roots - as well as a couple years of hammered dulcimer lessons - the album's nine songs were written and recorded in his home in Evanston, Illinois, and honed during a solo tour in Europe in 2018. The emphasis on uncluttered arrangements and the centrality of the guitar and vocals reveal these songs as the most direct and emotional statement of his career. Nelson cites everything from June Tabor, The Carter Family, Suicide, and Jimmy Reed as oblique inspirations, though his truest muse was creative self-inquiry: "What does music do, Where does music start? How simple can it be? How honest can it be?"

MIYAGI-LAMMARDO DUO are from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The project was born with the need to make free music, which they define as experimental, based on improvisation and instant composition. Touching on ambient, experimental, contemporary, noise, psychedelia, rock, electronic, Latin American folklore, minimalism, song, etc. They play with clarinet, guitar, bass, charango, piano, objects, erkencho and other native instruments. The music and albums were recorded with cell phones, home recordings, and the rhythm of composition and production of an album per month. Published in plataform digital, cd, cassette, diskette and vinyl 7". They have recorded albums for different labels: Safunny Investment Music from Sapporo, Japan, Electric Noise Crew from Mexico City, Shimmering Mood from Amsterdam, Holland and Entes Anomicos from Frankfurt, Germany, So Fuckin Noise Records from Malaysia, Broken Tape Records from Russia, etc.


Wednesday 29 April

Pin Ups (The Islington)

1 Tolpuddle Street, Angel, London, N1 0XT | Map
7.30pm | £8.50 | Buy tickets

OLD TIME RELIJUN are the rarest breed of band. Insatiable, living raw, always on the margins and consistent as hell. You know what to expect and yet never have any clue what's going to come next. Old Time Relijun give sweaty, compulsively danceable performances that never fail to inflame their audience. Their loose swagger belies years of practice, fastidious arrangements and gut-level understanding of how music hits you. Old Time Relijun was born on January 1st, 1995 in a dark and moldy basement in Olympia, Washington. The band stole some popcorn bags, talked a friend out of his inheritance and self-released 'Songbook Vol. I' in 1997. They then began their long association with Calvin Johnson's K Records. Between 1999 and 2007, Old Time Relijun toured like monsters, averaging 150 shows a year in the U.S. and Europe, releasing 'Uterus and Fire', 'La Sirena De Pecera', 'Witchcraft Rebellion', 'Lost Light', '2012' and 'Catharsis in Crisis'. The last three albums are known collectively as The Lost Light Trilogy; a conceptual triptych integrating poetry, painting, and myth through multiple lyrical and musical threads. The band toured through 2008 and then quietly parted ways. 2020 reunites Old Time Relijun with newfound level of passionate indignation and a deeper musical vocabulary. Old Time Relijun continue to make music for the revolution from a restless energy that has never settled down.


Tuesday 5 May

The Lexington

96-98 Pentonville Rd, Angel, London, N1 9JB | Map
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SHOPPING are propulsive bass lines, primitive disco-not-disco drums and guitar lines sharp as broken glass. The band was formed in 2012 by members Rachel Aggs (guitar), Billy Easter (bass) and Andrew Milk (drums), who've all done time in a plethora of notable UK DIY bands including Trash Kit, Sacred Paws, Current Affairs and Wet Dog. They pull from a well of 70's post-punk with a voraciousness seldom seen these days, bringing to mind the jagged aggression of Gang of Four, the voracious yelp of The Slits and the dance inducing thrust of Delta 5 . Their debut LP 'Consumer Complaints' was released November 2013 in the UK via MILK records and quickly sold out its first pressing. A US re-issue of 'Consumer Complaints' came out in 2015 via Fat Cat records, followed up by their excellent second album 'Why Choose?'. 'The Official Body' followed in 2017, produced by Edwyn Collins and meeting with reviews proclaiming it as exhilarating as it was mesmerising! Now Shopping return on Feb 7th with their new record 'All Or Nothing'.

Written across an intense 10-day period back in February, with sessions spent in London and Glasgow. The songs that emerged are some of Shopping's boldest yet: confident, elastic, streamlined grooves that crackle with energy and intention. Uniting these ten new songs is an expression of tenacity: commitment, leaps of faith and tests of courage. Four albums in, Shopping are as committed and focused as ever, regardless of any distance. As critics have noted, the trio's vision - groove-centered; deeply queer; political by default - place them in a radical lineage of dance, a continuum connecting disco and post-punk to Chicago house and EDM. That spirit of liberation through rhythm is very much present on 'All Or Nothing', says Aggs. "We found ourselves singing about being true to yourself, in an often binary and belligerent digital age, and reclaiming agency when it feels like our personal freedom and privacy is constantly eroding." In an era dominated by spin and surveillance, 'All Or Nothing' invites us to remember what really moves us, in dance and in life.



'In Threes'

UTR127 | LP/CD | Buy



'Carnage Hall'

UTR126 | LP | Buy


'Infinite Sprawling'

UTR122 | LP | Buy


'Tomorrow / The Fountain'

UTR055 (repress) | 7" | Buy


'Feathers & Hallways'

UTR027 (repress) | 7" | Buy



UTR123 | LP/CD | Buy


'What's Going On?'

UTR121 | LP/CD | Buy


'Who's Terry?'

UTR125 | 7" | Buy



UTR110 | LP/CD | Buy


'Confidence' (re-issue)

UTR061 | LP/CD | Buy


'Experts In Skin'

UTR124 | 7" | Buy


'Daughters Of The Sky'

UTR114 | LP/CD | Buy


'Private Sector'

UTR117 | LP | Buy



UTR120 | LP/CD | Buy


'Crazy Diamonds'

UTR116 | 7" | Buy



UTR119 | LP | Buy



UTR118 | 7" | Buy


'Girl With Basket Of Fruit'

UTR113 | LP/CD | Buy



UTR108 | LP/CD | Buy


'My Mother The Vent'

UTR112 | LP | Buy



UTR103 | LP/CD | Buy


'I'm Terry'

UTR111 | LP/CD | Buy



UTR109 | LP/CD | Buy


'Choose Life'

UTR090 | LP/CD | Buy


'Left Hand'

UTR106 | CD/LP | Buy


'Sings... Four Songs About One Cat'

UTR105 | 7" | Buy


'Moody Balloon Baby'

UTR107 | LP | Buy


'Someone To Watch Over Me'

UTR104 | LP | Buy


'The Green Child'

UTR102 | LP | Buy


'More Wealth Than Money'

UTR096 | 2xCD/DLP | Buy


'Darlene Shrugg'

UTR101 | CD/LP | Buy


'First World Record'

UTR099 | LP | Buy


'On The Screen'

UTR100 | 7" | Buy



UTR098 | LP | Buy



UTR095 | CD/LP | Buy


'Remember Terry'

UTR097 | CD/LP | Buy


'Casa de Cima'

UTR094 | CD/LP | Buy


'The Dragon Flies Away'

UTR088 | CD/LP | Buy


'Banishing Ritual'

UTR093 | LP | Buy


'Candle Power'

UTR089 | CD/LP | Buy



UTR091 | CD/LP | Buy


'Wild Hunt'

UTR086 | CD/LP | Buy


'8 Girls'

UTR092 | 7" | Buy


'Living Is A Myth'

UTR087 | LP | Buy



UTR082 | CD/LP | Buy



UTR084 | CD/LP | Buy


'The Magic'

UTR085 | CD/LP | Buy